What outside agencies and other professionals can support school and families?

CYPS (Children and Young People’s Service) Social, Emotional and Mental Health Services
Counsellor – Our school Counsellor is Lucy McDaid
Clinical Psychologist- a social, emotional and mental health Doctor
Doctor/GP Educational Psychologist Our school Psychologist is Louise Brennand. She provides written reports about cognitive learning and behaviours.
ENT Ear Nose and Throat ward. Freeman hospital outpatients for hearing loss and senses.
Health Visitor- Supports health and development in Nursery.
Nurse- Our school nurse is Jill Williamson. She can provide support to children, families and whole class education.
OT Occupational Therapy – Physiotherapy.
Paediatrics- children’s specialist ward,
Paediatrician – children’s specialist doctor
Pass it on parents- support network
Parents in partnership-Judith Lane
Speech and Language Therapist
SENTASS – Special Educational Needs Support Service. Support Diagnosis support for Dyslexia, Autism etc
Social Services- The Disability Team
SEN Team – Philip Morris Local authority team based at the Civic Centre. The SEN case worker is Ciaran Laydon.