Upper KS2 Focus of Teaching

Upper Key Stage 2



Pupils in Upper Key Stage 2 continue to read in small guided reading groups and in whole class teaching. The primary focus of reading teaching in this phase is to ensure that pupils extend their comprehension using texts of increasing length, complexity and from a range of genres. It is important that pupils expand their inferential skills, debate what they have read, discuss their own opinions using evidence to support and listen to the opinions of others. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 regularly study a text over a longer period using inference to gain a greater understanding. The exploration of a variety of author’s organisational devices builds upon the work done in Lower Key Stage 2.



In this phase, pupils are experimenting in their own writing drawing upon the grammatical and structural knowledge they have gained. They are using a widening range of vocabulary, which they have gained across the primary phases. Upper Key Stage 2 pupils write a range of genres over a period of time and, with increased independence, edit, re-draft and improve their own work before publishing a final piece. The use of purple polishing pens continues in Upper Key Stage 2 to carry out the edit and re-draft stage of writing.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

By the end of Upper Key Stage 2, children are expected to demonstrate the use of grammatical techniques with increasing control and consistency. Hyphens, brackets, colons and semi-colons are expected to be used within pupils writing where appropriate. Organisational techniques using punctuation is an expected element that children can showcase in their independent writing.

Throughout this phase, children should be able to distinguish between homophones and other words confused as well as spelling up to word wall 25 by the end of Year 6.