Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening

At North Fawdon speaking and listening is a crucial element in order to acquire language. In every lesson key language is shared and modelled clearly for the children to use when participating in class and discussing their learning. Throughout the phases, children are exposed to language rich environments and are constantly surrounded by meaningful, significant vocabulary that enables them to articulate their learning. As children move through Key Stage 2, the opportunity to use this bank of purposeful language presents itself in many ways from comprehension, independent writing and group/individual presentations.


Talk Boost

Talk boost is a targeted intervention programme, which supports the development and progress of language skills. There are two phases of Talk Boost we use at North Fawdon – Early Talk Boost and Talk Boost KS1.

Where applicable, Nursery children can access Early Talk Boost and Key Stage One children can access Talk Boost KS1 from specially trained members of staff in school.


 Mrs Wordsmith

Mrs Wordsmith is a vocabulary programme we use throughout the school to support children’s acquisition and understanding of new words. The Mrs Wordsmith team have mined the English language and identified the 10,000 most important words to help children succeed at school. Each word is accompanied by a hilarious illustration which help the children to remember the new vocabulary and it’s meaning. You can find the word of the week displayed in every classroom from Year 1 to Year 6.

Alongside this we now have word of the day calendars! Pop in a see our new A-frame calendars.