Pupil Premium Spending 2016-2017

Pupil Premium Spending

Intended Spending for 2016-2017

The Governors and Leadership of North Fawdon Primary School have considered carefully how to use this money and have decided on the following interventions.

In the 2016/17 academic year North Fawdon Primary School has received £150,480 in Pupil Premium Funding.

We received funding for 114 children – 72% of our children

Many of our initiatives are whole school as we have such a high proportion of children qualifying for Pupil Premium but within such initiatives our focus is always on the specific provision and outcomes of our disadvantaged children. Staff scrutinise data regularly and where ‘disadvantaged’ children are not closing the gap sufficiently, new interventions and actions are then implemented.


Intended Impact

Keep the learning alive throughout the holidays

  • Summer school (2 days including an educational visit to Kilhope Lead Mining Museum in the Pennines) and Easter school (2 days) for Year 6 (2016-17) class to keep the learning alive over the holidays.


COST: £2150

  • None of the children will regress in their learning over the summer and Easter break.
  • Children will return after the holidays enthused and ready to engage in their learning.
  • Specific learning plans will be in place so that children are targeted with exactly what they need to progress further.
  • Relationships with the class teacher and teaching assistant will be firmly established and they will know exactly where each child needs to go next.

Mirror effective practice in school in the home environment

  • Funding to release SENCO to work with specifically families of SEN children who are disadvantaged two afternoons per week.


COST: £9500

  • Families feel well supported and relevant parenting and family learning courses are available to support them.




Extend the school day to ensure optimum learning

  • Offer all extra-curricular clubs free
  • This involves pay for external coaches/ drama leads and so on and also overtime for support staff.

COST: £3060

  • Motivational, practical and engaging activities will increase and sustain attendance for Pupil Premium children.
  • Enjoyment of school will raise self-esteem, confidence and a readiness for learning.
  • Attendance of Pupil Premium children at clubs is regularly analysed and children would be encouraged to attend any clubs where Pupil Premium children are not sufficiently represented.



Expose children to culture rich experiences

  • Visits and experiences will be planned specifically to enrich children’s experiences (trips are heavily subsidised for disadvantaged children)
  • Annual pantomime / show (heavily subsidised specifically for disadvantaged children) performed in school by outstanding travelling Theatre Group M and M productions.
  • Whole school Author week including: All children to take home a copy of the book studied that week
  • Class of children visiting House of Parliament in London to research debating as part of Core British Values learning. Overnight stay in the capital including London Eye and River Cruise.



  • Such experiences will impact positively on children’s individual learning across the curriculum.


  • Children have real life experiences which they can then use as an impetus for writing which will lead to continued improved writing scores.


  • Children will understand the importance of using their voice and standing up for what they believe in.


  • Children’s personal goals and aspirations will be raised as they experience life outside Newcastle

Specifically target disadvantaged children with extra support in their learning


  • Experienced advisor to lead on quality first teaching for a term




  • Extra teacher in Upper Key Stage 2 to ensure smaller classes (maximum of 17 children)





  • Support staff in the afternoons support Pupil Premium children.



  • To promote early intervention for children at risk of regressing or making less than expected progress.


  • To ensure any child below Age Related Expectations make accelerated progress and catches up at the earliest opportunity.


  • To promote challenge and ensure as many children as possible achieve higher levels at the end of their Key Stage.


  • To promote learning through play and specifically to improve language and communication skills.


  • Improved percentage of disadvantaged children with SEN achieving age related expectations

Support families to meet their children’s needs

  • Taxis (where appropriate) for families to and from CYPS and other necessary


  • Release time for staff to accompanying parents where necessary on specific appointments
  • Appointment of a parent support worker specifically for Early Intervention and assess whether a referral into the Early Help Team is required



  • No appointments will be missed ensuring children get maximum support from CYPS appropriate to their needs.


  • Specifically in complex cases where there is key information from school to be shared it has proved beneficial to support parents at these meetings.

Maximise every opportunity to support parents to read with their children

  • Regularly update the reading library in breakfast club with books that will entice children and their parents.
  • Home access purchased to educational sites used in school
  • Busythings
  • Serial mash (includes Build a profile software)    
  • Bug club  




  • Children experience a wide range of engaging texts that are regularly updated.

Ensure Disadvantaged children access as much learning as possible

  • Purchase of a large selection of books available as incentives for children with high attendance.
  • Mini attendance initiatives throughout the year and end of year trip for 100% for the whole year.
  • Purchase of high quality engaging texts to maximise learning and promote reading for pleasure through updating the school library and reading areas in each classroom.
  • All Pupil Premium children access Bug Club (online reading programme) each day for 15 minutes overseen by our Bug Club Lead.



  • A relentless focus on attendance of disadvantaged children will ensure maximum impact on learning.


  • Higher attainment and improved progress in reading throughout the whole school.


  • Children acquire the essential life skill of reading and the key to success in other areas of learning.



  • Funding a School Counsellor








  • Improved concentration and engagement in lessons for vulnerable children.


  • Improved attendance


  • Improved relationships within the family


  • All the above will lead to improved attainment.



Total: £160,299


  • Please note that this plan would be subject to change over the year as strategies are regularly reviewed and may need adapting.
  • A complete account of all spending and a thorough analysis of impact is provided in the term after the finance period is complete.