Our Outdoor classroom

“The best classroom and richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky”
Margaret Mcmillan (C1925)  
Outdoor learning is an integral part of the Early Years curriculum.  
Learning outdoors helps to develop children’s ability to problem solve and safely lets children explore and take risks.   It offers space which is particularly important for those children who learn best through active movement. It gives children the opportunity to have contact with the natural world and offers them experiences that are unique to outdoors, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons.   It helps to develop healthy active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom of movement, and promoting a sense of well-being.  
In our Early Years at North Fawdon, we are lucky enough to have two brilliant outdoor areas.   We have a large space where children are able to move freely and explore.   Our smaller space is fondly named ‘The Small Outdoors’. This is seen as an extension of the indoor classroom. Small group activities and interventions take place here.