Our Learning Environment

The classroom

In the centre of our classroom we have the small group learning table. It is at the heart of everything we do, it is where we come together to share our thoughts and ideas and to listen to each other and to learn together.

In the classroom we also have areas to promote the different types of learning for example the creative table, the sand area, the reading area and the construction area.   We also have quiet areas where children can take time out if things get too busy or they need time to reflect.  


Outdoor area

Our outdoor area leads out directly from the classroom and is safely enclosed. It has it’s own trim trail and is a great space for the development of physical skills and personal, social and emotional skills.   We develop co-operative play and strategies to build resilience to develop positive relationships to enjoy shared games.

The topic room

Our topic room is another space for us to develop co-operative play and build positive relationships between children. It is set up for active and creative learning around our topic.

The calm room

Our calm room is a space where children can go if they are finding things too difficult to manage in the small group setting. It has  bean bags, blankets, soft toys and books. It is somewhere to calm down, relax and talk about difficulties before returning to the small group.