Our Creative Area

Our Creative Area
The Creative Area of the classroom is broken up into learning zones.
Sand Area
Problem solving activities linked to weight and capacity are popular allowing children to develop their hand- eye coordination by filling and emptying a variety of different containers.  
Water Area
This is a fantastic exploration zone. Children love using the different materials to explore tricky concepts such as floating and sinking. Dramatic play is encouraged by our array of different aquatic animals.  
Snack Area
Independence is a key skill we promote at North Fawdon. To encourage this, we have a self-service snack system. Children can choose to have a snack at any point within the session. They are taught to use jugs and to clean up after themselves.  
Creative Area
We have a well-resourced Creative Area where children have access to scissors, paints, glue and other tools to develop these skills. Junk modelling and large scale crafts are the most popular in this area. Provision is adapted depending on children’s interests and needs.