More Able Provision 2016-17

Intended Provision for More Able children 2016-17

More able provision is constantly evolving. Challenging HLP (Higher Level Potential) children is a key priority for this year.

Our belief

  • At North Fawdon we firmly believe that all children will be particularly talented at something. Some children display multiple talents.
  • To get the best out of every child we must unlock them and discover what motivates them and engages them.

How will we ensure those children with higher learning potential will become more able?

  • At North Fawdon there is a whole-school and systematic approach to the identification of more able and talented pupils, based on shared and principled criteria, and it is regularly reviewed.
  • Leaders are committed to ensuring high achievement is valued and success is celebrated.
  • By delivering a broad and varied curriculum during and after school hours we believe that we have a greater chance of discovering children’s talents.
  • Topic Planning is used to maximum effect and is integral to each group of children’s interests and strengths. The school also incorporates elements of Project Based Learning into its curriculum.
  • Once a talent has been discovered, where a child demonstrates natural aptitude or skill, it is essential that we nurture it and ensure that the child is given many opportunities to shine and demonstrate their talent to others. We do this through specific enrichment opportunities. (Please see our Enrichment Blog on the website)
  • We will recognise and support whatever talent or skill a child demonstrates potential in (whether it is sport, academic or creative) as the common outcome should be an increased confidence which should in turn impact on all elements of a child’s life.
  • We will work closely with parents and carers and signpost them to take responsibility for developing their children’s skills outside of school.
  • We will work with other education providers and business and community partners to enhance the provision for more able and talented pupils.

Ultimately all of the actions below will ensure children exceed at their talents and this will impact upon their confidence and ability in other areas of the curriculum.



Maths : Children with skills / talent in this area will:

  • Have many opportunities to lead other children in maths learning.
  • Lead a group and support younger children in the annual maths house trail.
  • Enter the National Young Mathematicians Award
  • Participate in the Trust Wide themed Maths weeks on a challenging City Maths Trail

English : Children with skills / talent in this area will:

  • Have many opportunities to lead other children in English learning (reading, writing and speaking).
  • Enter in school, Trust wide, local and national writing competitions.
  • Lead a group and support younger children in the annual reading house trail.

Science: Children with skills / talent in this area will:

  • Have many opportunities to lead other children in Science learning.
  • Access weekly enrichment time to engage and challenge talented scientists
  • Lead a group and support younger children in the annual STEM House trail. We will also trial our more able children helping to plan this event.
  • Access Royal National Institute of Science workshop
  • Visit local science events aimed at young, budding scientists, inventors and coders such as Maker Faire (1st-2nd April 2017)

Children with art skills will:

  • Visit local galleries such as the Shipley and Laing Art Gallery
  • Create the scenery, back drops and so on for school performances including talented sewers will make props for the Christmas production.

Children with singing, dancing and acting skills will:

  • Be signposted to a weekly after school drama club led by an experienced drama and dance teacher.
  • Have the opportunity to experience Theatre Royal Live Theatre Tours

Children interested in dance will:

  • Audition and those with talent or potential will perform at Newcastle City Hall (annually) with extra lunchtime lessons with two sports teachers for the term leading up to the performance.

Children demonstrating different sporting skills and talents:

  • Talented footballers across KS2 to access daily football training by experienced coaches and access competitions and opportunities to play at county level.
  • Talented footballers will also have the opportunity to tour of St James
  • Talented gymnastics access a lunchtime club to specifically develop competitive skills, perseverance, commitment and resilience and work on entry competition which can lead to a National competition.
  • Leaders will support and encourage those children engaged in sports outside of school (such as ice-skating) or participating in specific competitions by attending these events themselves.

Other opportunities:

  • Children will access careers week – whole school (To be held in Autumn 2017 – to specifically raise talented children’s awareness of possible careers to match their talents.
  • Those talented with ICT will experience a full day’s workshop making a film in a day. This is held during the half term holiday and will be funded by school.
  • During Enrichment time, more able children will also develop coding and programming skills.
  • Upper Key Stage Two children will access opportunities at our local universities such as University Safari Challenge at Newcastle University.
  • The pupil council has been adapted this year and now representatives are appointed to lead in particular areas such as pupil safety, emotional wellbeing and healthy eating. Children showing ability in certain areas will be signposted to lead in those areas.

All Year 6 children visit the Houses of Parliament annually

  • Talented speakers will interview local MP Catherine McKinnell
  • Talented map readers will plan and direct the group as we travel through London

A specific weekly enrichment time will specifically match children’s talents to opportunities

(every Thursday afternoon 2.20-3.20p.m)

For example: Enrichment Opportunities planned for Autumn A 2016

Leading for Life

Mrs Elliott

Tomorrow’s World

Miss Faye

Body Works

Mr Hovells

Map Makers

Mr Brown

Super Senses

Miss Robinson

Miss Pyle

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Miss Horne

Stitch Makers

Mrs Colley

  • Teachers will work together and discuss each KS2 child’s talents and individually assign them to the group that would best develop their current skills.
  • These sessions will develop skills above those that would meet age related expectations.
  • Key Stage 1 and Early Years will also develop enrichment opportunities to meet the needs of their children. This will include: Performing Arts, Gardening, Cooking, Sensory Skills and mastery in Science and also Art and Design