Lower KS2 Focus of Teaching

Lower Key Stage 2



Across Lower Key Stage 2, children explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts through small group guided reading and whole class teaching. Targeted 1:1 readers are identified through assessment and provided with additional support to increase fluency.

As children reach Lower Key Stage 2, the principal focus of reading is on comprehension. They use their knowledge to continue the comprehension work introduced in Key Stage 1 and begin to tackle texts of increasing complexity and difficulty. The use of evidence to support their ideas and opinions about a text is increased and encouraged with greater independence. The teaching of how texts work and author’s choices including audience and organisation becomes a key element.



In-depth studies of novels and texts continues to support children’s ability, by providing a model, to write independently. The rich exploration and acquisition of language is expected to be used with increasing effect as children move through Years 3 and 4. They are expected to be able to write for a sustained period, with increasing detail and use paragraph as organisational techniques. Children are beginning to edit and improve their work with the use of purple polishing pens.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

In Years 3 and 4 children, learn the grammatical terms for word classes, the difference between spoken and written English and its standard and non-standard forms, which they are expected to spot with increasing independence in their own writing.

In addition to children learning to spell homophones, they also will learn to read and spell words up to word wall 20 by the end of Year 4.

Children are expected to use a dictionary to clarify meanings of words and to check spellings independently. Thesauruses are introduced with support for children to identify synonyms for their writing. The use of basic punctuation should now be secure and children will be expected to use direct speech accurately in their writing where appropriate.