Impact of Sports Provision 2015 - 2016

Impact of Sports Provision for 2015-16

Sport is vital for every child!

The Olympic Legacy Funding (£8630)

Children in Need Funding (£10000)


The money was used to:

  • Employ an experienced sports coach to teach sport effectively in school hours across the school alongside teaching staff to develop their sports teaching skills and to provide intensive training to prepare children before competitions. E.g. Cross country training for four weeks leading up to the competition day.

  • Enable KS1 and 2 children to compete in teams in a variety of sports such as dance, cross country, net games, basketball and football

  • Employ experienced specialist coaches to provide a wide range of sports to all pupils during lunchtime and after school

  • Use trained coaches to facilitate children to engage in inclusive sports during playtime. E.g. Hula hooping, basketball, ball skills, tennis skills and skipping.

  • Award medals and trophies to children successful in their sports.

  • Ensure specific sports were taught to specific children to fully extend their talents and skills.

    Provide Get up and Go session to all children Rec – Y6 two mornings a week before breakfast club: 8-8.30a.m


  • Analysis of club participation (shared with Governors on a regular basis shows that extra curricular clubs are well attended by different groups of children right across the school. We believe this has really impacted on our children who all demonstrate a good or outstanding attitude to learning.
  • Attendance for 2015-16 was 95% across the whole school which was slightly improved on 2014-15 (94.7%) and quite a significant increase from 2012-13 (93.7%) which was before we employed our resident sports coach. Children report that they enjoy the wide range of sporting activities available and want to be in school to attend them. Children who regularly attend can represent the school at that sport.
  • Analysis of behaviour sanctions within school demonstrates a decrease in orange and red cards as children are really engaged in their chosen sporting activity. Improved behaviour has led to improved learning and progress.

Specific data results show:

  • A 16% improvement in children of children achieving GLD in Early Years from 2015 to 2016. Four out of five days after school, sporting clubs are available from Reception age.

  • At Key Stage Two (these children have access to coached football three lunchtimes each weeks and sports clubs each day after school) our combined result for Reading Writing and Maths was 80% which was 27% above the National Average.

  • Clubs are well attended and children were focussed with the skills of discipline, commitment, teamwork and perseverance reinforced.

  • Children have strengthened their competitive skills which prepares them for many situations in life that involves them being focussed and overcoming nerves – such as SAT’s and other tests and interviews later in life!
  • The school was successful in many of the tournaments participated in, often finishing in the top four.


In summary:

  • Children are healthier and fitter now at North Fawdon as they do more sports and are focussed during play and lunchtimes.
  • They understand the importance of working as a team with time pressures and targets to break and the rewards this brings.
  • Children for whom sport is their talent get a chance to shine.
  • Their aspirations are raised, particularly working alongside Olympian Chris Tomlinson and the children have now asked our sports coach to arrange Olympic gymnast Amy Tinkler to visit them
  • We really do hope that some of our children will go onto represent our county and hopefully even our country one day.

Several of our children now compete for teams for their chosen sport/s (including ice skating, dancing, kick boxing, football and rugby outside of school. We ensure that we support children with their chosen sport/s both inside and outside of school in whatever capacity is needed. They are highlighted on the Headteacher’s blog and parents are invited to share sporting news about their children’s achievements outside of school, in our monthly newsletter.