How do we promote Social, Emotional and Mental Health ?

Children’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) is our main priority at North Fawdon Primary School.
• We have a School Counsellor, Lucy Davison who is dedicated with working with vulnerable children. They can be referred by staff and parents for sessions that run over a term.
• All staff including support assistants, dinner ladies and the care taker ensure our children’s needs are met daily and often out of school hours.
• There is a real community and family feel to the school which has been commented on by Outside Agencies and Professionals.
• All staff are responsible for the wellbeing of your child.
• If your child has specific needs then they are shared within staff meetings so everyone knows how to manage, support and develop your child.
• Maxine Pape has completed ‘Attachment Theory and Beyond’ Training in October 2016 to help identify vulnerable children who may have suffered trauma in their Early Development. Staff are to be trained on 8th November 2016. Support can be given to families where trauma has been a major issue.
• Maxine Pape trained to be ‘Mental Health Aware’ in March 2017 and shared training with all staff members.
• Maxine Pape may request a home visit where necessary. All Nursery admits have a July appointment but new admits through the year may also need the connection especially if SEND is an issue.
• Maxine Pape may ask personal questions around social and emotional wellbeing such as problems in pregnancy, drug abuse, domestic violence, racial abuse and poverty, for example to understand the child’s Social and emotional needs and behaviours.
• The use of personal information is strictly confidential and is only used with consent to gain a diagnosis for a child or a pathway of support.