Aspire and Achieve Exhibition

What a fantastic week we had during our Aspire and Achieve Week. Throughout the week we focussed on:

  • The importance of having a job: the life skills involved such as commitment, resilience, teamwork and respect.
  • The importance of children knowing their skills and qualities. If they find a career to match these then they will have a much higher chance of being happy, secure and successful in their work.
  • Exposing the children to some of the different types of occupations available and what they would need to do to achieve their ‘dream job’.

We kick-started the week with a very exciting assembly with a very special guest: astrophysicist Jonathan Laws. A huge thank you to our Governor Professor Greta Defeyter for helping to make this visit happen. The children were so inspired by his presentation.

Throughout the rest of the week we had many visitors in to talk with the children about their own jobs including a doctor.  Every single one of our visitors reported how much they enjoyed coming into school and how impressed they were with the children and their wonderful attitudes and their high level of questioning. The Health and Safety Manager from Accord Healthcare enjoyed his session with Year Six so much that he didn’t want it to end! Well done to all of our children during Achieve and Aspire Week!

On Thursday 6th December between 9.15 and 10.15am we held an exhibition in the hall which showcased all of the children’s learning from the week.  Parents were invited to come along and see the work.  They were all very impressed !