English at North Fawdon Primary School

English at North Fawdon

At North Fawdon, we believe that English is a fundamental aspect of learning. Understanding English not only provides access to the whole curriculum but it also gives children the opportunity to be successful throughout the curriculum. It is vital that we encourage a love of language and literature to ensure lifelong learning for all pupils. Reading for pleasure is an element of English at North Fawdon we strongly promote and encourage. At North Fawdon, we are dedicated to providing all children with a balanced curriculum of genres whilst teaching key skills in a meaningful, purposeful context. Challenge in English is crucial and careful planning and assessment ensures this is achieved to meet the needs of all learners.


English teaching covers specific categories:


Spoken language – speaking and listening

  • Reading – word reading and comprehension
  • Writing – transcription (spelling and handwriting) and composition (planning and structure)
  • SpaG – spelling, punctuation and grammar

At North Fawdon Primary School, we believe it is essential that all children are given plenty of opportunities to equip them with the skills, across all four categories, needed to succeed. These opportunities present themselves both in the English lesson and across the curriculum including topic and science. Well-planned, thoughtful organisation of the school timetable ensures that this is possible for all learners.

Daily guided reading sessions are incorporated in addition to the English lesson. This provides opportunities for children to work in small groups with a text to build on and consolidate comprehension skills.

We are committed to increasing children’s reading fluency and provide dedicated time for children to practice Word Walls in order to increase their bank of words they can read on sight.

Discrete spelling, punctuation and grammar sessions are taught regularly and this is often put into context within the teaching sequence of a unit of work.


Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, we provide children with challenges that stretch and encourage exploration of language and literature by encouraging the use of critical higher order thinking skills. Children are given opportunities to become ‘leaders’ to teach and support other pupils through various aspects of English teaching. Exposure to high-level texts and language teamed up with high quality teaching encourages children to work at greater depth within the expected standard for reading and writing.