Our Indoor Classroom

'The wider the range of possibilities we offer children the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences. '
Loris Malaguzzi
At North Fawdon Primary School we understand the importance of an enabling classroom environment.
Rich indoor environments have an immediate effect on the quality of children’s learning and development. We make sure that our classroom makes children feel safe and secure and happy to be there and that it is a place where children can confidently play and learn. These sorts of environments are where children’s love of learning can be developed.
Our stimulating environments  are changed regularly to support children’s needs; whenever possible children are involved in the change. The safe and well-resourced environments promote independence which help our children to become leaders of their own learning. We have a large indoor classroom which is separated into three sections: the carpet area, the creative area and the working room.
Our Carpet Area
We have a well-resourced Writing Area.
All writing tools are easily accessible and shadow matched. The wall is covered in writing stimulus to enhance children’s writing. This area is changed regularly throughout the year and adapted to children’s needs.  
The Maths Area is full of exciting maths resources to encourage independent maths work. Mylo the Maths Master is displayed to make the children aware of maths mastery. Maths provision is rotated regularly to enhance learning opportunities.  
Our large Construction Area is themed as a building site. Children are encouraged to design and label their models. Children are able to display their favourite pieces of work.  
We love Role Play and at North Fawdon we believe it is an integral part of our children’s learning. We are lucky enough to have space for two role play areas which change with each topic. In the past, we have had a Vet’s Surgery, Farm Shop and an American Diner. In September, we always have a Home Corner to help settle the children. The Home Corner is then moved outdoors so children have access to this area all year round.  
Reading is a fundamental skill. Within our Carpet Area we have space for two Reading Areas. One focuses primarily on the skills linked to reading. In the area there are home school books to read, phonics cards and word games for children to play. The second area focuses on reading for pleasure. This is a comfortable reading hub where children can access favourite, familiar stories. This areas mains focus is to promote a love of stories and reading.  
Our Creative Area
Just like the Carpet Area the Creative Area of the classroom is broken up into learning zones.
We have a large Sand Area which children can climb into. Problem solving activities linked to weight and capacity are popular allowing children to develop their hand- eye coordination by filling and emptying a variety of different containers.  
Our class Water Area is a fantastic exploration zone. Children love using the different materials to explore tricky concepts such as floating and sinking. Dramatic play is encouraged by our array of different aquatic animals.  
Independence is a key skill we promote at North Fawdon. To encourage this, we have a self-service snack system. Children can choose to have a snack at any point within the session. They are taught to use jugs and to clean up after themselves.  
We have a well-resourced Creative Area where children have access to scissors, paints, glue and other tools to develop these skills. Junk modelling and large scale crafts are the most popular in this area. Provision is adapted depending on children’s interests and needs.
Our Working Area
The Working Room is a purpose built area to provide a quiet space to develop children’s key skills. It is large enough to accommodate the whole class for carpet sessions. This allows us to split the Early Years unit into separate Nursery and Reception classes.  
A lot of Reception’s intense teaching time is taught from this room. Skills like phonics and sentence structure are often taught in here. It also a perfect room for Speech and Language interventions and EAL groups.